E-commerce ? Yes/No/Maybe

Support for online transactions is now considered a given.

But what does that mean for your online presence? Perhaps you already provide support, or maybe you are considering your options. Whatever your circumstances, here are some points to consider

  1. How easy is it to add, or remove, options; or to scale up and down. As your business evolves, your e-commerce system has support those changes.
  2. If you have both a physical and virtual store, your e-commerce solution may need to tie both together; especially if you manage inventory.
  3. What fraud, security and other protections does the e-commerce solution provide?
  4. Being able to download records, or integrate with your back office/account systems, allows your operation to be more seamless.
  5. Be cautious about any ‘locked in’ long term contracts with solution providers as you want to have the option to move to another platform if needed.
  6. What upgrade, maintenance, outage, fail safe, and other support does the solution provide. The overall reliability of your e-commerce solution is critical to you business.
  7. What pricing schemes are available, and can they be customized and adapted as needed?

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