Thinking about going Mobile or Virtual ?

Everywhere you turn it is cloud this, virtual that, and 4G everywhere. There seems to be a confusing, and always expanding, set of services and offerings available.

Keeping it Simple, let’s go back to the basics. These are tools that you use to support the way that you run and do business. Here are some thoughts to help you decide what tools you might need.

When considering a phone number for your business, compare having a bundled package from Comcast, Frontier, etc., to having a cell phone, or a service from Skype, Google Voice, Vonage, etc.

Microsoft, Google, and others offer services that allow you to put quotes, proposals, etc. online that can be read and shared with others. Being on the road allows you to update the files and review tem with the customer. Stay tuned for blogs that discuss clouds, and online shopping carts for when you want to sell online.

Tablets and laptops can have wireless cards, so you may not actually need to have a fully loaded cell phone; but you will need to have a data plan.

Remember to always back stuff up, ideally with some form of regular backups.

Wikipedia has some great background reading on comparing the different Voice over IP services

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please do let me know. I would be happy to help.

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