How to create the right impression with your customers

You think that you know your own business reasonably well, but do your really know whether your online customers, partners, and prospects see you in the same way? And what can you do about creating a better and more favorable online impression.

A few simple things that you can do on a quarterly basis, to get you started, are:

  1. Look at your web analytics results to see if the search terms used to find you match your expectation.
  2. Do a browser search for the name of your business, products, and services that you offer. Include Yelp, Better Business Bureau, and other ‘rating’ sites. Compare what you find against what you expect.
  3. Review any customer emails, comments and feedback. Look for common themes, trends, or anything that was unexpected.
  4. Use this information to identify one problem impression that you want to work on for the next quarter; and determine how you will measure success.
  5. If you continue to see the same problem over and over again, consider breaking the problem into smaller pieces.
  6. Rinse and repeat each quarter.

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