Measuring Online Sucess

How do you know which parts of your online presence are successful, and which parts need improvement ? Here are some first steps to get you started.

  1. List out the ‘things’ that you want your customers to do on your web site. For example: buy something, request a quotation, contact you for support, view a catalog.
  2. For each of the things, itemize the offerings. For example: The SKU and price for each purchase items, the topic of the support request.
  3. Categorize each of these things by the action that a visitor might take. For example: View offer, make request
  4. Create a spreadsheet that lists the ‘things’, their options, and possible actions. Rank each line in order of importance to your business.
  5. Use a Web Analytics Tool, to add these as “site events” to your web site. Create reports to track progress. Wikipedia has a great article about Web Analytics, that gets you started on thinking about how to track online behavior.
  6. Each month, review the analytics report for both the site traffic and the site events. Plot the results in a spreadsheet, and build trend lines

Please do contact me to learn more about how you can use Web Analytics to measure your online success, and create actionable insights.


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