How come I get all these visitors to my site, but no sales

Doesn’t it just frustrate the heck out of you. You see all these visitors coming to your site, but nothing seems to happen. What can you do to turn things around ?

Try to find out what your visitors are up to. Do they just come to your home page and then go away. Or, maybe they get into the site and then leave without doing anything?

Using Google Analytics, or another analytics tool, will help you better understand the behavior of your visitors. Based on the analytics reports, some things to consider are:

  1. Changing your home page and meta tags can improve the quality of the visitors
  2. Changing the ‘offer’ that you make can make it more appealing for a visitor to respond and contact you
  3. Changing the wording and placement of the on-page links, to make them more visible and to fine tune the call to action

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