Being more efficient does not mean making a drastic change

Plan-for-change-300x220Don’t confuse running a business with doing business. Always look at ways for how you can be more effective at running your business, to give you more time to do business. Don’t just make any business deal, be aware the impact each deal makes on the profitable operation of your business. Sometimes you do need to have ‘lost leaders’ to bring customers onboard.

The market, economy, competition, and your customer needs are always in a state of flux. Seasonal changes to your business need to be planned for. It is so easy to get distracted and randomized by what is going on.

Set aside time, at least every quarter, to take a fresh look at your business. Make no assumptions as there are going to be new opportunities, and problems, that come up; and you need to figure out how (or if) you should respond.

To learn more, Wikipedia has some great background reading on Kaizen.

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